Meet Kitsu.  Kitsu is a 6 month old Shiba Inu.  I met Kitsu at the Oakland Museum Off The Grid, where I ate some Curry Up Now.  Kitsu is very friendly and enjoys being held.   She earns her keep by maintaining her own website.  You can find her over at If you love cute dogs do yourself a favor and check it out.  You can thank me later.

Hello -- Kitsu


Meet Cogswell.  Cogswell is a Corgi.  I met Cogswell at a park by Lake Merritt, where we were both attending a book swap for my friend Lo’s birthday.  Cogswell was more interested in his human than getting pet by a stranger. -- Cogswell -- Cogswell

Did you notice Tanuki in the background?  He might be featured in a dog post soon.

Stash Busting Update

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a non-dog blog.  My stash busting has grinded to a halt as work picked up in April.  I also started knitting a sample of Kira K’s Sawtooth Skirt, which needs to be done by June 15.

I did finish up all of the cotton yarn though.  I managed to make another 15 scrubbies with the remaining yarn.

I also knit my way through some of my Noro Maiku, with Caitlin ffrench’s shawlette pattern Seven and Zero. - Seven and Zero by Caitlin Ffrench -- Seven and Zero by Caitlin Ffrench